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Next NFT DROP IS on 8/1/22

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Welcome to Diversity Dollz

The Diversity Dollz NFT is a collection of 10,000 diverse PFP NFTs that are unique digital collectibles dedicated to supporting “women of color” in various causes like STEM, special needs, HBCUs, and much more.

Many of us want to help great causes that target underserved areas like STEM but don’t know of a place or hub dedicated to supporting these important causes.  Diversity Dollz looks to address some of these issues while encouraging exceptional talent and ideas from women of color.

Diversity Dollz helps “bridge the gap” in a modern and fun way. The Diversity Dollz NFT is a badge representing your passion for giving to the women of tomorrow! 🎁 This badge will also represent your ID for special activations, events, and initiatives.

Fun Fact: The Diversity Dollz NFT collection is initially inspired by my daughter Amira’s Haitian, Jamaican and Chinese background as well as various causes that impact members of my community.

Diversity Dollz NFT with amputated arm and hearing loss.
Diversity Dollz NFT with vitiligo and visual impairment.
Diversity Dollz NFT featuring the importance of "Women of Color" in gymnastics.
Diversity Dollz NFT representing Caribbean Carnival
The Diversity Doll
Rotating Gif of Diversity Dollz

Diversity Dollz Distribution

The Diversity Dollz NFT Collection prices are as followed:

Next NFT Drop: 8/1/22

Price: 0.06 ETH

Note: 505 Dollz are being withheld from the sale and will be used for competitions, giveaways, rewards, and the creators’ Diversity Dollz memberships. Some of those NFTs will be reserved for Amira and her future friends.


Each Diversity Doll is uniquely generated from over 180 possible hand drawn traits, including skin tones, hairstyles, outfits, eyes, and more. Some Diversity Dollz feature themes that include but are not limited to: STEM, HBCUs, autism, cerebral palsy, mental health, NF, sickle cell, diabetes, cancer, vitiligo, auditory and/or visual impairment, and much more. Every NFT sends an important message about the beauty of diversity and why representation matters.

The Dollz are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. 

As owners of a Diversity Dollz NFT, you are granted ownership and commercial usage rights to your specific DDZ NFT(s).

Purchasing Diversity Dollz costs 0.06 ETH.

Rotating Gif of Diversity Dollz


The Diversity Dollz NFT collection is designed to bring awareness to various philanthropic causes and empower its community to support these causes.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be used to create a foundation where Dollz holders can vote on initiatives.



Expert will be contracted to build token economics model for Diversity Dollz NFT and future projects.


2000 NFTs are sold and airdrop Diversity Dollz NFTs to random Doll holderz.  Establishment of the Diversity Dollz Ambassador program and opportunities for cool giveaways and swag.  


Interactive games, prizes, and giveaways for Dollzholders.


Creation of Diversity Dollz Foundation.


Activation several voter initiatives to focus on scholarships, charities, and much more.


Reimbursement ourselves for all expenses and paying Amira for use of her likeness.


Unlock Diversity Dollz Store featuring various swag, goodies, and giveaways. 


Activation of the DEI presentations and panel discussions open to all Dollzholders.


20 Dollholderz will be selected randomly to attend a 2-Day DEI workshop hosted by Al Vivian from Basic Diversity.  These Dollholderz may also choose to gift the experience to someone else.



2nd Bridge Builder NFT project is unlocked.


Scavenger Hunt is activated. The first person to successfully complete the scavenger hunt wins 1.9 ETH and selects a 501(c)(3) organization to receive 1.9 ETH as well.  The winner will also receive an airdrop from the ????? Bridge Builder NFT project. (Project name is released when 55% of the NFT project has been minted.)


Registration giveaways for multiple Dollzholders to attend a virtual PD hosted by the Racial Equity Institute.  


Date and location is announced for Diversity Dollz members-only event.


Junior Bernadin and his wife Tashinea Bernadin are the founders of Openexus’ Diversity Dollz NFTs. Mr. Bernadin is a White House STEM Awardee and father that has teamed up with an amazing artist, Destin Andrews, to bring this project to life.

The entire DDZ team hopes to bring this philanthropic effort to life.  Together, the team created the Diversity Dollz Collection in hopes to bring attention to the need for diversity, even in the Web3 space.


Momma Bear – Amira’s mom and family medicine physician.

Desto – Award-winning artist making waves in the industry.

Neo – Dope programmer guiding us through the blockchain matrix.

Mandestinero – Super dope bro and brand strategist.

MyGoodSide360 – Fun loving entertainment and party planner.

Fairy Tech Parent – Edupreneur that loves to get Techy-With-It.

Diversity Dollz Doctor NFT
Diversity Dollz NFT referee with vitiligo and partial hearing loss.
Diversity Dollz NFT with Haitian Flag
Diversity Dollz NFT Math Teacher